Proper Shampoo Technique After Removal of Protective Style

Proper Shampoo Technique After Protective Style Removal

. There are very important steps when shampooing our hair after removal of braids and extensions. Many of us have been shocked and dismayed at the tangled mess that results from improper shampoo technique. I have myself had to cut a great deal of my hair as the result of improper removal and shampoo.

Storytime: I was a freshman in college and needed to remove my cornrows and shampoo my hair. I managed to remove the braids and it was time to shampoo. I jumped in the shower and began to apply the shampoo and scrub and scrub. It felt marvelous and soothing to touch and clean my scalp after 3 months in my braids. When I got out of the shower, my hair was a huge, dreaded bird’s nest. I was mortified as I tried to comb through it. I had to realize there was no hope and cut this ball from the pit of hell off my head. Now thankfully I have developed this technique to save you hair and your nerves.

Tools Needed:

• Wide tooth comb

• 6 duck bill clamps

• Cleansing shampoo

• Moisturizing Shampoo

• Deep Conditioner

After you have removed all braids, be sure to remove any debris left by the braids with your fingers. Do not attempt to comb at this stage as you will surely pull out a great deal of your hair. Next you want to section your hair with your fingers into 6 sections clamp each one with a duck bill clamp. Using your wide tooth comb, begin from the ends and work your way up the scalp. And re section the hair into the original sections The next step you may lightly braid each section to allow for better management of the hair if you have long hair. This is an optional step. Do not bend your head over the sink Get in the shower. It is important that you keep your hair going in one downward direction. Simply run the warm water over your hair to begin to rinse out the dirt Rub the water over the top and do not scrub. If you scrub your hair from the scalp upward, your hair with gather into an ugly ball that will not be able to be combed out. Add cleansing shampoo to the top of your hair and work your shampoo still moving in a downward direction. When it is time to do the scalp manipulations, use gently movements under your hair without scrubbing. Repeat next shampoo with moisturizing shampoo Apply deep conditioner in the same manner and place a plastic cap on for 30 minutes.

Since your hair has been braided for many weeks, there will be a lot of hair that is combed out. Don’t be alarmed because you lose 100 strands of hair every day during the comb out so just multiply that number by the number of days you were unable to comb your hair because it was in a protective style.

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